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Fitted and snapback caps often serve as emblems of identity and life
passions. Whether it is team pride, a brand that resonates with you, the city
you grew up in or any other movement you are a part of, they are a lifestyle
accessory that distinguishes you from the crowd.
The CT Design CapRack was designed with this concept in mind, combining
elegant design and functionality to provide a simple, neat and stylish display
solution for your beloved headwear.
Each CapRack can house up to seven caps. one for each day of the

We call it functional art! Our intention with the CT Cap Rack was not to create an exclusively closet destined storage solution that maximizes the number of caps you can store, but ideally to serve as a functional art piece that can be incorporated as an interior design element that proudly showcases your uniqueness.

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Firm grip allows for retaining of the shape and condition of each cap. The CT Design Cap Rack was designed to grip caps precisely from the intersection of the cap bill and front panels.


Embraces each cap with elegance and does not hide its shape, size or marks of authenticity.

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Renter friendly command strips from 3M allow for simple “peel and stick” placement and damage free removal. Easy to readjust after hanging.


Designed specifically for high end snap back and fitted caps. Accommodates each hat’s shape and contour allowing for effortless insertion/extraction.

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Our Testimonials

"Everything I wanted and needed in one amazing product!
Fits perfectly in my small closet,holds the caps organized and just makes life so much easier.All you need to do is literally peel off the glue stickers that it comes with and organize your caps the way you want."



"Very elegant design- Looks like a piece of art on the wall while being so functional. I wish all products were designed so well. Made of high grade materials and simple to install and use. I sent these as gifts for the holidays to the hat wearing peeps on my list after I got one for my husband and we both loved this hat rack!"


-Laura A.

"I've waited for this day to come since I bought my first cap rack. Was so excited to receive this baby.
Such a beautiful and simple design. Super easy to hang on the wall. Highly highly recommend all the cap lovers to get them selves one of these.. or maybe 2 or 3 of them :-)"


- Adam Rimon

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